Lawn Care Provider – Term and Full Time Positions

What you will be doing

  • Lawn care can be extremely challenging from a physical, environmental and schedule perspective.
  • We work Monday through Friday. When it rains, we may be working occasionally on weekends to catch up to the schedule. Typical hours are 7:00AM – 5:00PM, but we occasionally work later to meet schedule demands.
  • You will start with classroom and practical training, then you will work alongside an experienced operator until you have a demonstrated understanding of company and client expectations, safe and efficient operations, and customer service.
  • Different lawn types/seasons will require a different set of tools and skills. You will be expected to recognize which tools are going to work best, and expertly use mowers, whippers, backpack blowers, hand tools, trimmers, etc. and adjust settings and techniques to not damage property.
  • Once you’re fully trained, we may ask you to supervise a crew working on an individual property. You must ensure our standards are met at each property while remaining safe.
  • This is a term position with a start date of approximately April 15 to October 31, give or take a few weeks. We do snow removal work in the winter and employees that are willing and able may be offered winter jobs or opportunities to lead.

The skills and experience you will need for this job

  • You are very comfortable with driving, and experience driving pickup trucks or towing trailers would be terrific.
  • You are physically fit, can push or pull up to 60 lbs at a time, and can also be on your feet for 10 hours per day.
  • You need to have basic gear such as comfortable shoes, hats, pants and shirts. We can provide items like gloves and safety gear, but want you to also be as comfortable in the hot sun as you can be. Your gear, augmented with some of our supplied gear, and your own fortitude when it comes to heat are all important.
  • Mechanical aptitude, customer service and navigational competency are all assets you should tell us about.
  • If you have worked in snow removal or lawn care before we would love to hear about that, but we also need to know that you’re open to doing things the Mow Town way too.
  • You have a cell phone and can use our free app to check your schedule. You can text, email, check the weather and call a manager when needed.

What’s in it for you

  • Pay is hourly and ranges from $17-$23 per hour.
  • We sometimes provide food and drink while you are working, but plan to bring a water bottle and a lunch/snack just in case.

How to apply

  • Very important: apply via email only. We are out driving all day, and typically our clients need to take priority when it comes to texting and calling.
  • Send a resume and a brief note on why you are going to be the best fit for this job to If you have references for related work, please include them as well.