Snow Removal

What’s included:

  • Snow removed automatically within 48 hours!
  • Our monthly fixed price includes ALL snowfall. From a light skiff to a heavy snowfall, we will come as often as necessary during the month to ensure your property is clear and safe.
  • We clear the driveways, city sidewalks, and the paved/concrete paths around your property.
  • All pricing includes gravel and ice melt!
  • We have the machinery, materials and expertise to operate on a variety of surfaces. From old concrete to brickwork to aggregate stone surfaces – Mow Town can keep it clear.

How it works:

  • Call or contact us to set up a FREE quote
  • We will go over your preferences with you
  • When it starts snowing we’ll show up automatically.
  • Your invoice is sent to you at the beginning of the month via email. Invoice payment is due by the end of the month.
  • Payment can be made via credit card, cash, cheque, or e-transfer.

Monthly Pricing

Pricing varies based on the size of the property and how the concrete is laid out. If the snow can only be piled in one place, the extra work does cost more.

Are you looking for a ballpark price? Here is basic pricing for our most common property types:

Property Layout Monthly Fixed Price
Straight city sidewalks, no driveway $180
Straight city sidewalks, 2 car attached garage driveway $240
Corner lot sidewalks, 2 car attached garage driveway $260
Straight city sidewalks, 2 car detached garage driveway (includes path to garage) $280
Corner lot sidewalks, 2 car detached garage driveway (includes path to garage) $300

Why is OUR service so valuable?

  • We use the best equipment available. For example: our snowblowers can chew through a city windrow or deep snowbank with ease.
  • Other snow removal companies post low monthly prices, but nickel and dime you on salt and gravel or snowfall above a certain amount. We just include it all. The prices above assume a worse case scenario for our team – so we can bill you for less, but we will never bill you more.
  • We employ polite, safe, efficient and detail oriented staff. We train Mow Town staff intensely before they are sent out in our trucks.
  • We are respectful of your neighbours. If we blow any snow on their driveway, we’ll take the extra time to remove it.
  • We carry $5 million in liability insurance and WCB insurance. Should the worst happen, we are covered.
  • We respect the noise bylaws. We do use loud machines, but we won’t do so illegally.
  • Every company in Edmonton says they provide the best quality services. We won’t disagree, but we already have a great reputation that you can see for yourself.

Are you looking for snow removal for your condominium or commercial property? Click here!

Fall Cleanup

Let’s put that yard to bed so it’s fresh for next spring!

What’s included:

  • Choose the services you would like from the menu below. If you would like a service that isn’t listed, please drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for.

How it works:

  • Call or contact us to set up your desired services
  • We go over the details of your service with you.
  • Your invoice is sent to you via email at the completion of the spring/fall clean up. Your payment is due within 15 days.
  • Payment can be made via credit card, cash, cheque, or e-transfer.


Every residential property is different and there are a variety of factors that determine how much work is needed to provide each service. The pricing below is meant to give ballpark numbers for small to very large properties. For an accurate quote, please call 780-906-6690 or contact us.

Services Price Range
Power Raking $90-$200
Aerating $40-$90
Fertilizer $30-$60
Weed Control $30-$60
Lawn Edging $20-$60
Overseeding $50-$100
Hedge Trimming $120/hr
Leaf and Debris Cleanup $120/hr