Commercial Services

It’s a tough business, and it’s only getting tougher

There are 20+ companies in Edmonton who all claim to be the best at commercial lawn care, landscaping and snow removal. If you are a property manager, local business owner, member of a condo board or facility manager you are going to receive dozens of quotes promising the best work in a wide range of invoice amounts.

So how is Mow Town any better?

We are priced on value and realistic expectations to complete the work. How many times have you had to call your current provider to ensure they were fulfilling contractual duties? With Mow Town, our prices reflect actually doing the work. While this seems so straightforward, there are many companies that will only do tree pruning if you call them out for not completing it. When the job gets done as contracted, it saves you stress and builds a reputation for you and for our team.

Working on a budget can be difficult. In many cases, you may be working in the blind for a client or boss who hasn’t specified what they want done, and how much they are willing to spend. This is where we shine. We can put together a menu-styled quote package for you. Need an hourly breakdown of what work will be completed each month? No problem. Do you need to show savings in order to get the quote approved? We can work out a solution that’s good for both of us.

Communication is king. Call, text, email or carrier pigeon anything at any time. We are on-site regularly for you, so if we notice something wrong, we take the time to let you know too. Do you have picky tenants who want their snow piled in a certain spot? Our staff are customer service savants that are trained to navigate those situations expertly. Your invoices are delivered via email and can be paid securely online. Speaking of secured online services — our client portal allows you to view all of your quotes, invoices and active jobs with Mow Town. You can even request new work to be quoted or completed.

No greenhorns as green thumbs. Our team is trained, practiced and prepared for your job. We are meticulous in hiring, training and supervising our staff so that common sense is most commonly seen in our work. Our equipment is maintained scrupulously and employees are well equipped with the PPE to operate safely.

Our happiest clients…

Are looking for more than just the cheapest quote. They want quality, a direct line to the boss, and timely results. They won’t accept unfinished or substandard work and they don’t want to have to put in a ton of effort to ensure that.

Put us to the test. Have us come out to remove snow for you or mow lawns – even just one time – we will show you what a professional grounds maintenance company should look like.