Mow Town is a year round home services company that delivers high quality results across a vast range of jobs. We pay attention to the little details and the small courtesies. We put quality before profit and that is what sets us apart.

Take comfort in knowing that Mow Town is covered in the very unlikely event of accidents. All workers are covered with Workers’ Compensation Insurance and the company carries $5,000,000 in liability insurance. As well, we  integrate safety into each step of a job. From safety briefings to protective equipment to personal data security, you can count on us to establish and maintain industry best practices.

When you call Mow Town, no one is reading from a script. We treat you like family, and we are honest about what it will take to do a great job for you. Give us a call today about your home, rental property, business or even just to mow your lawn while you are on vacation.

Thank you Edmonton.